Singapore Personal Tax Rates for Residents

Individual tax residents in Singapore are subject to a progressive resident tax rate starting at 0% and capped at 22%. Tax residents with income <S$22,000 per annum do not need to pay tax. A Singapore resident is one who is a Singaporean citizen or a Singapore Permanent Resident with a local permanent address or a foreigner who has resided/worked in Singapore for >183 days in a tax year

The Progressive Resident Income Tax is outlined in the table below:

Chargeable Annual Income

Income Tax Rate (%)

First S$20,000

Next S$10,000



First S$30,000

Next S$10,000


First S$40,000

Next S$40,000


First S$80,000

Next S$40,000


First S$120,000

Next S$40,000


First S$160,000

Next S$40,000


First S$200,000

Next S$40,000

Next S$40,000

Next S$40,000




First S$320,000



Singapore Personal Tax Rates for Non-residents

An individual who is a foreigner who stayed or worked in Singapore for <183 days in a tax year is considered a non-resident. A non-resident’s tax obligations are briefly outlined below:

  • A non-resident on short-term employment for <60 days in a year is exempt from taxation in Singapore. A non-resident who is a company director, public entertainer or exercising a profession in Singapore is not exempted
  • A non-resident is taxed at 15% or the progressive resident rate, whichever yields a higher tax amount, based on all income earned locally. Personal tax reliefs are not applicable
  • Director fees, consultant fees and all other incomes are taxed at 20%

Singapore does not impose any Captital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax (Estate Duty).

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