Singapore CorpPass Guide

This guide will help you understand more on what is CorpPass and why it is required for Singapore registered businesses.

1. What is CorpPass?

CorpPass is the single login method for online corporate transactions with more than 200 government digital services in Singapore, specifically introduced for all entities registered with ACRA or with a Unique Entity Number (UEN).

2. What type of entities are eligible for CorpPass registration?

A. Local Entities with Unique Entity Number (UEN)

Locally registered organisations that have been issued a UEN by the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore or other UEN-issuance agencies.

B. Foreign Entities

Overseas organisations without a local UEN but required to transact with Singapore local authorities. (The availability of CorpPass login for foreigner entities is subject to provision by Agency’s digital services)

3. What is the difference in the CorpPass Roles?

CorpPass Roles are based on the appointment of each individual in the company – e.g. directors, shareholders, employees, etc.

You may refer to the following charts to find out more: