Singapore & International Trademark Registration

CorporateGuide is a trademark agent that can assist local and foreign companies to register trademarks in Singapore and international countries.  We have advised and filed trademarks for over 1000 local and foreign companies to date.

Comprehensive Trademark Registration Services

To help customers achieve their trademark registration easily and conveniently, our trademark services include the following scope

  • Complimentary NICE Classification match and trademark search
  • Complimentary Trademark Feasibility Report on the availability, recommendation on eligibility and risk.
  • New trademark registration and renewal in Singapore
  • New trademark registration and renewal in International Countries through a choice of National Applications or via Madrid Protocol System (for countries which are members)
  • Transliteration and translation services
  • Notarization for Statutory Declaration

Trademark Registration for All Countries

CorporateGuide can register trademarks in any country which you require. We work with IPOS for new trademark registration or trademark renewals in Singapore. Internationally, we can perform national trademark registration for countries which are not members of the Madrid Protocol such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand. For countries which are members of the Madrid Protocol such as Australia, China, US, and the UK just to name a few, customers have an option to apply for trademarks nationally or use the Madrid Protocol system.

CorporateGuide can provide companies with advice on cost and effectiveness.

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Singapore Trademark Registration
International Trademark Registration

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