Singapore Tax Residency & Citizenship

Our services will streamline your entire process of gaining Singapore Tax Residency, and subsequently, Citizenship.

As your appointed consultant, we will first obtain an Employment Pass (EP) for you to gain residency in Singapore, and more importantly, to establish a business track record and a successful entrepreneurial background that will facilitate your application for Permanent Residency. Throughout the process, we will advise, monitor and ensure that your business meets all compliance requirements, such as financial statements and tax filings, so as to maintain a trustworthy tax and compliance record.

More specifically, for Employment Pass (EP&PEP), we will:

  • Register your business in Singapore
  • Advise and process all documents required to obtain your EP
  • Manage all business affairs to meet annual compliance requirements
  • Give guidance on when to apply for PR  

For Permanent Residency (PR), we will:

  • Advise on investing in the Global Investor Programme (GIP), which is the preferred route for direct PR application
  • Assist with sourcing for investments or monitoring business growth to ensure compliance to tax, CPF and other filing requirements
  • Generate yearly report on corporate and personal taxes due to the government
  • Assist with compiling submission papers (business plan where required).

For Citizenship, we will:

  • Provide guidance to when to apply for citizenship, which requires at least 2 years of permanent residency, with a good track record of gainful employment or business operation hiring local employees in Singapore
  • Evaluate your family and understand their requirements before rendering a full proposal. Children may apply for citizenship after staying in Singapore for more than 3 years and have passed at least one national examination (PSLE, GCE O or A) or are enrolled in an Integrated Programme
  • Assist with compiling all required documents for Citizenship application

Our dedicated services will make your Singapore Citizenship application expeditious and successful.

Take the first step toward becoming a Singapore Tax Resident and Citizen by contacting us today for a free consultation.

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