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Protect Your Financial Interests with an Escrow Agreement

An escrow agreement safeguards the interests of all parties in high-value transactions, such as real estate / asset transactions, joint ventures and mergers & acquisitions. Project financing, capital raising and litigation settlement are also facilitated through the establishment of an escrow account.

Once set up, both the buyer and seller will have the convenience of independently submitting funds, deeds and other items pertinent to the transaction, while the appointed escrow agent completes all necessary tasks to successfully finalise the transaction.

As your preferred escrow agent, CorporateRoom securely and transparently holds all upfront funds and deposits in custody as an impartial third party, until such time when all predefined relevant conditions between all parties have been fulfilled.

Our escrow services give our clients peace of mind, and counter-party risks such as non-payment on the part of the buyer, non-performance on the part of the seller or misuse of monies will be well mitigated.

As your Escrow Agent, CorporateRoom will:

  • establish and open an Escrow Account

  • procure and process all required reports & legal documents

  • monitor and report all account activities

  • issue confirmation when receiving and disbursing assets

  • maintain security & accountability of monies owed & owing

  • keep all parties informed of progress regarding the transaction

  • oversee the signing of closing documents

  • advise and facilitate all inquiries and payment requests

  • process release of assets from the Escrow Account

An Escrow is a deposit of funds, a deed or other assets & legal documents by one party for delivery to another party upon the fulfillment of a set of conditions established in the Escrow Agreement.

Whether you are the Buyer or Seller, you want the assurance that no funds or property will change hands until ALL conditions of the transaction have been fulfilled. Your Escrow Agent will safeguard the funds and documents, and will only disburse funds and when all provisions of the Escrow have been complied with.

The principal transacting parties will create, sign and deliver in writing all conditions and instructions pertinent to the Escrow Agreement to an appointed Escrow Agent.  In accordance with the predefined conditions and instructions, the Escrow Agent will process the Escrow, performing all necessary tasks to fulfill its fiduciary duties in a timely manner.

A Closing Statement is an accounting, in writing, prepared at the close of Escrow to apprise all principal transacting parties of the charges and credits to their account. The items on the statement will reflect purchase price, funds deposited or credited, payoffs on encumbrances or liens, etc (depending on the nature of transaction), as well as costs for services rendered.

  • Understand every item in your Escrow Agreement. Seek clarification from your Escrow Agent when in doubt
  • Respond quickly to correspondence to expedite the closing of the transaction
  • Fulfill all legal and financial obligations pertinent to the transaction in good faith and trust

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