Marketing and Branding

Getting good leads flow and a healthy pipeline would be what every new and growing company aspire. Marketing techniques has become more sophisticated over the years with the use of advanced technology, from conventional mass marketing and push marketing approaches like print, direct mail and telemarketing, to digital marketing capturing proactive and inbound interest resulting in higher conversion rates and faster conversion time.

With regards to branding, in the present day it focuses on and communicates the entire experience your target audience and customers have with your goods, services and the company. With the overflow of branding messages from multiple companies, creating strong brand identity relies not just on traditional methods like publicity and branding ads, but more so, on social media and targeted content marketing.

You will find fundamentals on marketing and branding here in this site to guide you through the types of conventional and digital marketing techniques to help you plan your mix of inbound and outbound marketing and branding needs. The objective of the site is to provide information and guidance for new and growing businesses to embark on demand generation planning and content planning to build leads and pipeline, as well as to formulate a branding strategy to strengthen your brand identity.

For assistance required in leads generation, content development, content marketing or branding, you can send in an enquiry to CorporateGuide:

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