Immigration and Visas

Staffing is one of the most important consideration for all companies. Some companies may need only local manpower, while others need a mix of foreign and local workforce. As human resource is paramount to a company’s cost structure and success, business owners need to set up the recruitment processes to support hiring, create the ability to attract and retain the right talents who can meet those business goals while working within the local manpower legislation.

CorporateGuide provides an overview of the Singapore Employment Act and employment practices in Singapore to help companies understand the guidelines to manpower and recruitment for hiring local and foreign employees. The site outlines the different types of passes and eligibility for white and blue collar staff including steps to apply for Visa and work permit. For foreign companies planning to expand to Singapore, you can also find out about the local culture, education, housing, transport, entertainment and political climate in this site.

For assistance required in handling immigration issues and for applying Visas or employment passes, you can send us an enquiry:

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