Market Readiness & Accessibility (MRA) Grant

///Market Readiness & Accessibility (MRA) Grant
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Market Readiness & Accessibility (MRA) Grant

Grant Agency: IE Singapore

Commonly known as MRA Grant

Official Site:

Grant Description

Designed to accelerate the international expansion of Singapore SMEs, this grant supports pre-determined activities focused on helping you in overseas set-ups, identification of business partners and overseas market promotion. 70% of the eligible cost, capped at S$20,000 per company per fiscal year

  • Maximum of two applications per fiscal year, starting on 1 April and ending on 31 March the following year
  • Limited to one activity per application

Qualifying Criteria

Global HQ anchored in Singapore. SMEs with annual turnover or less than s$100 million per annum based on the most recent audited report. Submit Application through Business Grants Portal (BGP) before proceeding with any of the below:

  • Making a payment including initial deposit
  • Signing of contractual agreement or purchase order
  • Commencement of the project.

Application Guide

Step 1

  • Request quotation fee from 3rd party professional that you selected

Step 2

  • Log in to Business Grant Portal for application
  • You have to use your CorpPass to login into the portal

Step 3

  • Fill in information on your company profile that is required by ACRA

Step 4

  • Apply your grant through “Apply Grant” option
  • You will have to fill application form in this step
  • You will have to fill in eligibility form

Step 5

  • Letter of offer will be sent through the portal

End Date of Grant

Tentatively none.