Regulatory Compliance

Setting up and running your own business also means that you need to adhere to strict local regulatory compliance, which in this case are the accounting or financial reporting standards in Singapore.

Some of the more immediate regulatory requirements include appointing shareholders, directors and a secretary during the incorporation of Private Limited Company. Above all, every business type, be it a sole proprietorship, partnership, or a Private Limited will need to account for its revenue and expenditure in line with ACRA and IRAS standards and ensure that annual filing is completed smoothly and accurately.

CorporateGuide lays out very simply the framework of the accounting or Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS) to help business owners understand and keep abreast of key requirements. You will find simple accounting templates to guide you along and tips on how you can manage your bookkeeping more efficiently and confidently.

If you need assistance in managing your books or in appointing secretary for your company, you can send us an enquiry:

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