About CorporateGuide

CorporateGuide aims to be Singapore’s leading online information hub for Singapore entrepreneurs, startups, growing companies and foreign enterprises to easily obtain resources and guidelines to start, manage and grow their businesses in Singapore.

We are the sister company of CorporateRoom, one of the leading business incorporation and accounting services firm for local and offshore companies in Singapore, and ConsultMarketing, a professional marketing consulting agency with a niche in helping businesses succeed in strategy and planning, messaging, content development and leads generation.

Our Milestones

As a group, CorporateGuide has advised and assisted numerous companies with different services successfully.

  • Incorporated over 2,000 local and foreign companies,
  • Over 5,000 secretary and director appointments
  • Over 800 local and international trademarks
  • Over 100 content writing for case study and marketing brochure
  • Leads generation amounting to over US$15 million pipeline

Services provided by CorporateGuide and our associate companies include:

  • Singapore and International Trademark Applications
  • Marketing Consultation & Services
  • New Business Incorporation
  • Website Design

CorporateGuide aspires to be the preferred online resource guide for entrepreneurs, business owners and Senior Management in the Asia Pacific.

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