Register company Singapore

S$880 fixed price per Singapore Trademark Application, per class

Singapore Registered Company Trademark

We have streamlined a very straightforward process to help our Clients like you own and register a company trademark in Singapore in the shortest possible time!

  1. Client provides us with basic information on the desired company trademark to register request:
  • Type of company trademark required (Word, phrase, logo, design)
  • Industry relevant to the trademark
  • Owner of the trademark (Can be person or company)
  1. CorporateGuide will conduct a free search on the availability and feasibility of the desired company trademark to be registered.
  2. Invoice is issued & sent to you upon your confirmation of service should trademark be available and feasible.
  3. Trademark application is submitted to IPOS within 3 working days upon receipt of payment.
  4. Trademark application Acknowledgement letter is emailed to you within 3 weeks from IPOS.
  5. Trademark is approved to be Singapore company registered trademark after another 2 months should there be no objections. We will email to you trademark certificate copy and original certificate by registered mail.