Company Secretary for Singapore Company

It is mandatory for all Singapore companies to appoint a Company Secretary. The chief duty of the Company Secretary is to work together with the Board of Directors, and advice them on corporate governance and regulatory compliance matters of the company.

CorporateGuide – VentureHaven provides end to end services to our clients, helping you to ensure that as your company is growing, internal controls are in place to help mitigate risks and compliance to annual regulatory requirements. Having a qualified Company Secretary is important in ensuring annual reports are filed on time to avoid fines and penalties.

The Main Duties of a Company Secretary

As your Company Secretary, we take on 3 main duties on behalf of the company:

  1. Preparation and safekeeping of the company’s physical register at our office, for the purpose of updating all corporate actions as required by the government.
  2. Professional services for all ad-hoc corporate actions
  3. Timely preparation of the Annual General Meeting documents, and filing of the company’s Annual Returns

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Our annual service fee for Company Secretary starts from as low as S$300.

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