Technology Adoption Programme (TAP) Grant

Technology Adoption Programme (TAP) Grant

Grant Agency: SPRING Singapore

Commonly known as TAP Grant

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Grant Description


  • Increase the productivity of the company by providing the right technological resources as solutions to their problems, ultimately increasing SMEs’ net earnings.

Ready To Go solutions: 

  • These are solutions to encouraged by the government to be developed to improve companies’ productivity by using technologies.
  • It aims to address challenges such as productivity and improve on their competitive advantages.
  • The TAP will support sectors identified for the Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs) to formulate and execute technology adoption roadmaps.

Approved projects will receive up to 70% funding support cost

Qualifying Criteria

  • Deployment needs to be carried out in Singapore
  • Lead to at least 20% productivity gain
  • Singapore based company
  • Minimum of 30% local shareholder
  • Annual sales turnover less than $100 million
  • Employment size less than 200 employees

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End Date of Grant

Tentatively none.