SkillsFuture Mentors Grant

SkillsFuture Mentors Grant

Grant Agency: SPRING Singapore

Official Site:

Grant Description


  • Improve developmental and learning capabilities of SMEs
  • Improve value proposition of SMEs by providing career development and growth opportunities for employers

Through this grant, SMEs will be able to upgrade their processes and system with the assistance of mentors. Mentors will also teach managers and supervisors in training delivery. Participating SMEs received 100% supporting funds for the next 3 years

Qualifying Criteria

Criteria for SMEs:

  • Singapore-based company
  • Minimum 30% local shareholding
  • Group annual sales turnover of nor more than $100 million
  • Employment size of not more than 200 employees
  • Basic development and learning processes or system in place
  • Able to commit collaboration with SME mentor

Criteria for mentors: 

  • 8 years or more of industrial experience
  • 5 years or more of experience in supervising/management
  • Experience and passion in learning and developing SMEs

Application Instruction

For SMEs

Step 1

SMEs to fill in SkillsFuture Google form for registration purpose.

Click the following link:

Step 2

Based on information that the SMEs provided, SPRING will arrange 3 mentors.

Step 3

Choose a mentor out of the 3 provided

Step 4

Mentor chosen by the SME will work together with SME to develop project plan and then submit project plan together with application form to the SPRING officer who has been liaising with you.

Application form:

For mentors

Submission of CV via There will be a panel interview for all candidates and an orientation course held for shortlisted candidates.

End Date of Grant

Tentatively none.