New Talent Feature Grant

New Talent Feature Grant

Grant Agency: Singapore Film Commission (SFC)

Official Site:

Grant Description


  • Encourage directors to produce feature films

The project will either be fully funded or funded S$250000 of the qualifying expenses, depending on which is lower. The funds should be divided into milestones and submitted to IMDA through Online Grant Management System (OGMS). These funds will be transferred through GIRO into a bank account set aside specifically for the project. The applicant is fully responsible for filing for the claims. If the claims are not filed, the firm will not be reimbursed.

*Qualifying expenses refer to costs which are directly related to the project and make important contributions to Singapore.

Qualifying Criteria

Criteria for firms 

  • Singapore based company
  • have SSIC code related to media
  • first-time receiver of NTFG grant
  • have never received funding from IMDA

Criteria for production team 

  • Director must be Singaporean or a PR
  • Production should be Director’s first or second feature film
  • The director should remain throughout the production
  • The director should have directed 3 or more short films or at least one feature film that was publicly broadcasted at film festivals or a public broadcasting company

Criteria for films

  • No less than 70 minutes
  • Films with artistic/cultural value, documentaries, films in languages other than English

Application Guide

Step 1

Request online Response form from IMDA by emailing

Step 2 

Submit Response form with required documents

  • Letter of undertaking
  • Proposal for project*
  • Declaration of future supplier or service provider for your project.
  • Related parties’ transactions disclosure

Step 3

Presentation of your project to panel

Step 4

Selected project will have to make a formal second application

Step 5

Announcement for successful applicant will be after the following quarter

Step 6

Letter of Intent is issued to the selected applicants and you have to officially apply for the grant on the Online Grant Management System (OGMS). The application should be made within 12 months of receiving the Letter of Intent. The documents required by IMDA should also be submitted with the application.

Step 7

When your application is approved, you must commence your project within 6 months of the acceptance date of letter of offer. Do note that in the final audit, there will be documents that the auditors will request to be submitted.

*The proposal has to follow a specific format which is stated on the IMDA website

End Date of Grant

Tentatively none.