Central Gap Fund

Central Gap Grant

Grant Agency: NRF

Commonly known as Central Gap

Official Site: https://www.nrf.gov.sg/funding-grants/central-gap-fund

Grant Description


  • To convert research ideas into real products, service and processes and promote collaboration with public research industry

The grant provides funding for projects worth more than SGD $750 000 for up to 2 years

Qualifying Criteria

Criteria for Project Team: 

  • Experience Leader who has
    • Experience in leading projects which provide support to the market to be adapted to use new technologies
    • Collaboration with other institution with corresponding projects
  • Researchers who has
    • relevant skill and experience
    • originally involved in the research team developing the technology
  • Experienced business developer/manager or provision of shared mentoring resources

Criteria for project: 

  • Any science and engineering project
  • Considered by Standing Oversight Committee to have high impact to be able to improve Singapore’s technological field
  • Goal of project should be to create a prototype which is feasible enough to be developed for commercial use in the future

Publicly-funded research performers and government-linked entities are eligible for Central Gap. The below organisations will automatically be eligible for the fund:

  • A*STAR Research Institutes
  • Local public research centre and consortia
  • CREATE entities
  • Local public hospitals, public health institutions and National Specialty Centres
  • Local autonomous universities, polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education
  • Research Centre of Excellence hosted by local autonomous universities
  • Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory

For more details on the criteria for selection, click here

Application Guide

Step 1

Submission of proposal to Host Institution

Step 2

Electronic submission to RITA

Step 3


Step 4

Notification will be sent to contenders and Leader will have to present their project

Step 5

Finalization of project that will be awarded

End Date of Grant

Tentatively none.